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Innovation november 14, 2014

Interactive Campaign Matches People’s Facial Expressions with Museum Works of Art

Rijks Emotions aggregates emotional data and pairs you with a similar painting of the past

Op-Ed october 1, 2014

Sam Ashken: Data is the New Design Medium

The Barbarian Group's head of audience intelligence talks, among other things, about who's doing well when it comes to granular targeting

Mobile september 30, 2014

Ben Jordan: The Reactive Design Revolution

Why this specific industry is heralding a much-needed refocus in web, UX and app design

Work september 12, 2014

Training Computers to Detect Tumors

How data is helping us with more than predicting consumer behavior

Arts & Culture may 6, 2014

Which Rappers Have A Better Vocabulary Than Shakespeare?

Data visualization compares the wordsmithing of famous lyricists to great authors, with some interesting findings.

Technology july 2, 2013

IBM Uses Live Data To 3D-Print Wimbledon Souvenir Trophies [Video]

Technology partner at Wimbledon turns real-time data analytics into trinkets, printed every 20 minutes.

Work june 10, 2013

Foursquare Co-Founder Asks The Public To Analyze His Daily Movements

Help entrepreneur Naveen Selvadurai track his life data.

IoT may 8, 2013

Google Glass For Swimmers

Swimming joins the list of sports that can use hard data to track athletes progress over time.

Mobile november 8, 2011

The Top 10 Strategic Technologies For 2012

Gartner proposes the most significant and opportunity-rich technologies for businesses and organizations to evaluate for the new year.

Advertising april 27, 2011

Facebook Bulks Up Its Visual Storytelling Capabilities

Infographic developer Daytum's development blog alerted us that they've joined the product design team at Facebook - with the end goal of helping people 'express themselves and share experiences with friends.'

Home march 7, 2011

Ambitious Technology Charts How Babytalk Evolves Into Language

A 'Truman Show' like experiment covering 90000 hours of real life footage hopes to uncover the means by which word formation develops in babies.

Cities january 4, 2011

What Can Analyzing Hip-Hop Lyrics Teach Us About Culture?

A new project on Kickstarter aims to build a 'searchable rap almanac' to better understand the evolving role and influence of hip hop in our cultural language.

Technology december 13, 2010

The Future of Journalism? Data Analysis

Access to large amounts of information and data is changing the way that we do journalism.

Advertising july 12, 2010

Six Digital Trends To Watch

Edelman Digital offers six topics brands should be tracking.


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