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Technology january 20, 2015

Four-Legged Gadget Will Overturn Diners’ Anti-Tech Stance

Colorful device enables tabletop Wi-Fi and communicates with waitstaff using ambient light

july 8, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

$15 million iPad yacht, sequel to Where the Wild Things Are cancelled and BBC to end 3D TV experiment.

Work march 10, 2013

Brad Grossman: Making Data Collection Creative

Founder of creatively-minded think tank, and publisher of the Zeitgeist Guide, discusses the information we have access and how to take it to the next level.

Sustainability june 21, 2012

MIT Platform Uses Smartphone Data To Detect Social & Behavioral Trends

Start-up Behavio unlocks your phone’s senses to generate more refined metadata that unlocks meaningful information about communities.

Technology april 9, 2012

Send Real-Time Bird-Watching Data To Scientists Directly From The Field

Smartphone app, Birdlog, lets you easily collate and send your field notes to ornithologists and biologists.

Work february 22, 2012

Digitally Destructive Grenade Steals And Broadcasts Your Information

Julian Oliver has created an easy to use physical data mine that demonstrates how easy it is to monitor and share 'private' online interactions.

Gaming & Play february 16, 2012

Google Creates Daily Puzzles To Teach Users How To Search Better

The search giant has teamed with Wired magazine to develop a series of games to train us to find information faster.

Mobile december 20, 2011

Kenyan Lions Now Send SMS Messages From Their Collars [Headlines]

Cell phone modems help lions send signals in order to determine their whereabouts.

Advertising september 26, 2011

OnStar Continues Collecting Your Data Even After You Unsubscribe

The General Motors company will maintain a two-way connection unless customers ask for it to be disconnected.


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