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Cities february 6, 2015

Meetup Pins Down Insights Into USA’s Changing Interests

In-person social network's changing membership gives a unique look at what we care about

Technology may 13, 2013

Man Sells His Personal Data On Kickstarter

Federico Zannier is offering his own computer activity data for $2 a day, including web history, keyboard presses and mouse tracking.

Advertising january 21, 2013

App Removes Personal Data From The Web

A new application from Abine works to wipe your personal information from the Internet, helping to maintain your privacy.

Mobile december 20, 2012

‘Spying’ Artwork Mimics Digital Data Mining

Art installation ‘I Spy’ uses tablets to follow viewers’ motion with a digital face, representing a lack of digital privacy.

Work february 22, 2012

Digitally Destructive Grenade Steals And Broadcasts Your Information

Julian Oliver has created an easy to use physical data mine that demonstrates how easy it is to monitor and share 'private' online interactions.

Luxury august 11, 2011 Mines Twitter To Hook Hotels Up With Potential Guests

The real-time marketing tool for hotels provides them with a list of Twitter users planning to travel to their city.

Work march 29, 2011

Who Shares In The Riches Of Data Mining?

Growing awareness of the goldmine that is our personal data has potential to impact upon health research which depends on accurate information

Mobile march 21, 2011

Strategies For Subverting Ubiquitous Computing

Steffen Fielder has designed vintage kinetic machines that enable you to tell little white lies to sensors.

Technology november 25, 2010

OkCupid CEO Presents Hard Facts On Online Dating

How to win the war in Online Dating? Sam Yagan of OkCupid lays it out for you.

Technology november 16, 2010

Systems That Construct Identity

Heath Bunting charts a map of British normality as seen by machines via his ongoing Status Project

Arts & Culture november 16, 2010

Dutch Festival Uses RFID To Enable Artwork Tag Clouds

STRP festival combines RFID and social web features to blur the boundaries between gallery experience and online existence.

Work october 6, 2010

frog design: Whose Data Is It?

The question of who owns personal data just doesn't seem to go away. It seems to ebb and flow, most recently with the ability to collect data from devices within a Personal Area Network (PAN) or Wireless PAN (WPAN).

Technology september 28, 2010

Ed Cotton: The Data Intelligence Arms Race: Marketing Moves Into Hyperdrive

There was a time when data was a passive thing. With advances in computing power, we are now about to enter a new phase in which data, instead of being a component of dusty old reports, is the new gold of business advantage.

Arts & Culture august 12, 2010

Google Alarm Looks To Make Data Mining A More Transparent Experience

Media artist Jamie Dubs questions privacy in the age of shared information with a new plug-in.


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