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How brands navigate messaging following a celebrity death (Adweek)
Work march 18, 2016

Decomposing Bodies Power Ethereal Cemetery Lanterns

Sylvan Constellation imagines final resting places as green, bright spaces

Cities march 15, 2016

Grow Life After Life with This Smart Urn

App-enabled planter will help a loved one's remains grow into a tree

Sustainability february 5, 2016

Organic Burial Pods Turn Cemeteries Into Sacred Forests

Egg-shaped biodegradable containers offer a refreshing alternative to coffins

Technology january 27, 2016

Behind Volvo's Vision for Deathproof Cars By 2020

Deformable seats and pedestrian airbags promise death-proof commutes

Home january 27, 2016

A Grieving Set Designed for Mars Astronauts

For the coming space age, a new way to grieve

Design & Architecture january 15, 2016

This Alternative Funeral is a Festive Farewell

Would you be caught dead in a colorful, zip-up coffin?

Op-Ed april 14, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: A Future Living Will That is Very Much 'Alive'

Futures Director at Pearlfisher ruminates on Vivo, an algorithmic will that is as ever-changing as our lives

Work june 30, 2014

App Turns Your Last Words Into Fine Art For Friends And Family

‘The Last Of Me’ lets you say goodbye to you loved ones with final messages that are sent when you die.

march 10, 2014

Could A Blood Test Predict When You Will Die?

Four specific biomarkers have been linked to death within the next five years.

Technology february 4, 2014

Avatars Offer A Digital Afterlife To The Deceased gathers information about a person to create a chatbot that emulates their personality after they have passed away.

Work june 4, 2013

Intricate Labyrinth Sculptures Made Of Grains Of Salt [Pics]

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates painstaking pieces of art grain by grain.

Technology april 15, 2013

Google Lets Users Design Their Online Presence After Death

Now you can decide what to do with all of your data when it's no longer necessary to keep it.

Arts & Culture january 2, 2013

Futuristic Shoes Breathe And Ignite [Video]

Artist pushes the limits of footwear design by exploring the accessory as a living entity.


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