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[News] Fake lawsuits leveraged to take down or deindex unwanted web content
[News] New York enforces stricter rules for companies tracking children’s online behavior
Technology august 25, 2016

Twitter Bot Will Warn You If You Are A Troll

An online tool developed out of Intel's Hack Harassment movement helps filter out or notify cyber bullies

Travel august 23, 2016

Delta Adds Business Class Suites For Improved Comfort And Privacy

The airline is introducing full-height doors, memory foam cushions and a contemporary design

[Insight] Google Allo utalizes timed messages, borrows inspiration from Snapchat
Mobile august 19, 2016

Invisible Phone Screen Can Only Seen By Wearing Special Glasses

The app and eyewear combo is designed for privacy and keeping your conversations away from prying eyes

Mobile august 8, 2016

Edward Snowden’s New Device Will Warn If Hackers Are Extracting Your Mobile Data

The attachment can prevent governmental agencies and criminals from tapping into your iPhone without warning

[News] Bitcoin exchange loses $65 in digital hack
[News] Edward Snowden tells his followers “it’s time” on Twitter
[News] Snowden Designs a Device to Prevent iPhone Surveillance
[Stat] 14% of Snapchat users are over 35, a growing user subset
Fashion july 7, 2016

This Invisibility Cloak Can Hide You From Photographs

The new material is specifically designed to ruin flash photography


[Inspiration] Compact homes help residents feel ‘safe and secure’ in high-crime areas
[Stat] 40% of employees worry that companies will use wearables for surveillance
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