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[Insight] Why is midcentury design as popular as ever?
Home august 22, 2013

Customizable Wallpaper Gives Homeowners Decorative Control [Pics]

A new way to redecorate that is as simple as ripping paper.

Home june 18, 2013

Dry Erase Lamp Offers Limitless Design Possibilites

A piece of furniture that actually encourages people to draw on it.

Technology june 7, 2013

Compostable iPad Case Provides A Blank Canvas [Pics]

New covers allow users total customizability.

Work february 6, 2013

Houses Transformed By Mobile, Woven Wall Dividers

Dutch artist switches walls for weaves with an innovative creative project.

Technology december 7, 2012

3D Printed Christmas Ornament Made From Social Network Data

SapientNitro's star-shaped decoration has points of different lengths, depending on how many Facebook friends a person has around the world.

Retail october 12, 2011

Teens Customize School Lockers With Chandeliers

Locker Lookz, a startup by two mothers in Dallas, produces and sells locker accessories for schoolkids who want to personalize dull school lockers.


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