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Technology june 25, 2014

Discarded Smartphones Upcycled Into Digital Forest Watchdogs

The solar-powered listening posts detect illegal loggers and poachers in remote areas.

Sustainability june 11, 2013

Smartphones Hung From Trees Alert Rangers To Illegal Logging

Using audio recognition software, old solar-powered phones can pick up sounds from chainsaws.

Innovation february 27, 2012

24 Hours Climate Hack-a-Thon Will Build Energy Reduction Apps

The event challenges participants to build platforms around power, deforestation and greenhouse gas reduction.

Sustainability october 28, 2011

RFID Tags In Trees Prevent Illegal Deforestation

A new green initiative fights against destruction by tagging trees in order to collect data from them and monitor their health and location.

Syndicated october 11, 2011

Triple Pundit: Mattel Says Yes To Greenpeace, No To Rainforest Destruction

Greenpeace's campaign to have toy company Mattel switch its paper sourcing policy has worked.

Luxury october 10, 2011

Triple Pundit: Global Warming Will Make Chocolate A Luxury Item

Rising temperatures and deforestation threatens the sensitive cocoa plant, the source of chocolate.

Cities september 22, 2010

The Purest Air Particles On Earth

A study to understand how atmospheric changes have affected the world took environmental researchers to the Amazon rainforest.

Technology may 19, 2010

Biomanufactured Masonry: Next Generation Brick Design

A bio-engineered brick could replace traditional kiln-fired bricks.

Luxury january 12, 2010

Merci x Veja: Organic Shoes For Charity

Merci is the first “Charity Store” in France, where 100% of their profits will go to non-profit support, giving customers who would normally buy luxury goods the chance to also give to a worthy cause in the process.

Home june 22, 2009

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