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Honest Sketches of Adultery and Plight Sell Jeans

Denim/Fashion Brand’s 10-Minute Pop-Up Shop is Likely World’s Fastest

Will Berman: How Teen Entrepreneurs Can Lead A Maker Revolution [PSFK 2014]

Retailer Offers Women Perfectly Fitting Denim Through Online-Only Store

Designer Denim Brand Opens Repair Shop In London

Jeans Change Color Depending On Body Temperature [Video]

Eco-Friendly Jeans Made From Wood Pulp

Glenn Beck Launches Denim Line

Magazine Made Of Denim Hits Newsstands

International Artist Teams Up With Demin Brand To Create Live Installation For Charity

Triple Pundit: Denim Industry To Revive Old Welsh Town

Levi’s Pulls ‘Riot’ Ad After Public Outcry [Headlines]

  • 29 august 2011