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Technology november 9, 2016

Spotify And Headspace Team Up To Offer Music And Meditation

The streaming and meditation guidance services are joining forces to offer their customers a better deal for both tools

Food march 1, 2016

A Supermarket Where Expired Food Flies Off the Shelves

Denmark supermarket offers expired goods at big discount prices to help fight food wastage

Work february 25, 2016

Copenhagen to Undergo Infrastructure Overhaul for Cyclists

Denmark's capital made a big investment in new, intelligent traffic signals

Automotive january 20, 2016

Add Your Wheels to a Rentable Cycle Network That Spans the Globe

From China to Australia, borrow a bike, or turn your own into a rental

Syndicated july 6, 2015

Danish Festival Will Collect Urine to Make Beer

For its "Piss to Pilsner" initiative, the Roskilde music festival plans to recycle concertgoers' urine and use it to fertilize malting barley

Home august 27, 2014

LEGO Building Experience Center in Denmark Using Giant Bricks

The LEGO house is a hands-on minds-on experience center that challenges creativity and imagination

IoT october 8, 2013

Greenhouse For Humans Recreates Summer Heat In Cool Climates [Pics]

The Invisible Garden House is a translucent structure that lets homeowners enjoy an extended and optimized summer.

Work june 18, 2013

Skate Park Ramps Also Prevents Flooding

Concrete structures in Denmark combine recreation with functionality to protect people from natural disasters.

Design & Architecture june 17, 2013

Foam Spikes Create Echo-Less, Silent Research Chamber [Pics]

The Radio Anechoic Chamber at Denmark's Technical University is designed to absorb radio waves.

Home june 6, 2013

Exhibition Center Resembles Giant Lego Bricks [Video]

Educational architecture will be the main feature of this tourist attraction in Denmark.

Sustainability april 26, 2013

Microsoft University To House Headquarters And Community Campus

Tech giant plans multi-purpose 40,000 square meter space.

Home march 27, 2013

Apartment Complex Resembles Floating Icebergs [Pics]

Isbjerget in Aarhus, Denmark is designed to look like floating structures at the edge of the waterfront.

Travel january 28, 2013

A Sunny Holiday Will Make You A Better Worker

Study demonstrates how tropical vacations combat seasonal depression and increase energy levels.

Arts & Culture november 20, 2012

Talking Street Signs Help Tourists Pronounce Danish Street Names

Design students created karaoke-style electronic signs to teach visitors the pronunciation of Copenhagen roads.


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