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[Insight] Heavy social media use connected with depression
Retail may 16, 2016

Walgreens Adopts Video Therapy For Those With Mental Health Issues

Walgreens launched platform to improve health outcomes by giving patients help they need

Technology december 17, 2015

Crowdsourcing Peace of Mind from Your Phone

Anonymously post about your stress on a social network that wants to use public feedback to zen you out

Work september 16, 2015

Let This App Help Guide You to the Right Antidepressant

Doctors can track the effectiveness of an antidepressant pill in real-time

Cities december 12, 2014

Swedish Students Get Light Therapy From Stored Solar Panel Energy

Power company helps to combat winter tiredness and depression

Technology december 5, 2014

Code Blue Panic Button Aims To Help Teens With Depression

This free mobile app offers immediate support by sending alerts to pre-selected support members.

Design & Architecture december 20, 2013

These T-Shirt Designs Help Remove The Stigma From Mental Disorders [Pics]

The 'Living With' collection by Dani Balenson uses abstract designs in an attempt to destigmatize OCD, depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.

Technology april 3, 2013

Kinect-Powered Virtual Therapist Can Diagnose Depression [Video]

'SimSensei' is a new program in development that tracks body movements and facial expressions to give medical advice.

Work january 28, 2013

A Sunny Holiday Will Make You A Better Worker

Study demonstrates how tropical vacations combat seasonal depression and increase energy levels.

Technology december 19, 2012

Mood-Boosting 'Headphones' Send Light Directly To The Brain

An unusual but reportedly effective way to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Cities november 30, 2012

Bus Stops Offer Light Therapy To Fight The Winter Blues

Commuters are treated to a special lighting system that helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Technology june 21, 2012

Study Reveals Whether College Students Are Depressed By Internet Usage Patterns [Headlines]

Switching quickly from Spotify to email to Facebook can be a sign of depression. A recent study correlates web habits with depression.

Work june 19, 2012

The Changing Face Of Work In America

In partnership with GE's DataViz, PSFK explores the American workforce and how it is changing.

Advertising april 4, 2012

Does Fast Food Induce Depression? [Headlines]

Is there a connection between emotional well being and the level of nutrition in what we eat?


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