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Work march 10, 2014

Crumbling Building Models Draw Attention To America's Dilapidated Architecture [Pics]

Ofra Lapid's Broken Houses series turns photographs of abandoned buildings and homes into miniature models.

Cities august 13, 2013

Derelict House Unfolds Into An Open-Air Theater [Video]

Abandoned houses used to create public space for the community.

Cities april 10, 2013

Nostalgic Photos Depict The Demise Of Video Stores

Pictures of abandoned storefronts show how technology has changed our cultural landscape over the last ten years.

Arts & Culture june 17, 2011

The Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park In New Orleans [Pics]

Photographs of the fun park in Louisiana that has been derelict since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Design & Architecture january 15, 2010

(Pics) Kevin Cyr Captures Derelict Beauty

Artist Kevin Cyr (whose great bike-camper we've covered before) has a line of paintings that highlight the weathered looks of delivery trucks and old vans.


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