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Innovation march 20, 2013

Ultra-Strong Filter Could Solve Global Water Needs

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin is exploring the use of graphene filters for desalination projects worldwide.

Home july 11, 2011

There is No Global Water Crisis

A recent book by author Charles Fishman, sheds light on Los Angeles potential fresh-water shortage.

Design & Architecture january 3, 2011

Device Uses Sunlight To Purify Water

One of the runners up at the IIDA 2010 Awards competition, the C-Water is a simple, portable water purification system.

Advertising october 6, 2010

James Dyson Award Winners Announced

This year's top designs are all devices that promise to save lives in emergency situations.

Work june 7, 2010

Future of Health: Exploring New Methods For Water Desalination At MIT

Scientists are studying a new material which could provide access to clean drinking water for millions of deprived people.

Technology march 24, 2010

New Micro-Desalination Device Cleans Water Electrostatically

MIT scientists have developed a small desalination chip that could solve the problem of bringing clean water to remote areas.


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