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Whimsical Inventions Born from a World We Wish Were Real

A Motion to Give Credit Cards Motion

Connected Lights Illuminate A Path to Fall Prevention

Sleek Smartwatch Designed To Manage Existing Tech

Bike Wheel Add-On Turns Unused Space Into Cargo Storage [Pics]

Hotel Lounge Fits Onto The Back Of A Private Jet [Pics]

Shape-Shifting House Rotates And Unfolds To Follow Sun

Headphones Force The Wearer To Keep Still To Listen To Music

Cut Food With An Electromagnetic Laser Instead Of A Knife

Dog Bone Soothes Pets With Smells And Sounds Of Owner

Water-Powered ‘Light Reeds’ Illuminate Urban Waterfronts

Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]

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