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Work june 2, 2011

frog design: The Art Of Design Research (And Why It Matters)

Design can exist without "the research." But if we don't study the world, we don't always know how or what to create.

Technology may 31, 2011

frog design: Smart Brands In The Connected Age

The internet of things with its unprecedented level of connectivity does not only catalyze the rise of “social” but also the rise of “smart.” And smart means complex.

Work may 11, 2011

frog design: Be Like Water

The design world seems to be drifting away from its heritage. More and more designers are becoming increasingly disconnected from the objects they design.

Home may 6, 2011

frog design: All Up In My Grill: Personal (Digital) Space

There are many different personal Internet properties an individual can have: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Like physical spaces, these digital spots can be personalized and customized. They reflect and embody identity.

Technology may 2, 2011

frog design: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Small, cheap devices will disrupt our old-school UX assumptions.

Sustainability april 28, 2011

frog design: The Customer Side Of The Meter

The energy industry needs to change. Rising oil prices, environmental concerns, and progressive consumer demand is creating new opportunities for innovation in the products we use, the way we buy energy, and the way it’s generated and distributed.

Advertising april 25, 2011

frog design: Aged To Perfection

By the time you finish reading this, both of these consumer products will have been recycled at a local e-waste facility.

Gaming & Play april 21, 2011

frog design: What Can Wile E. Coyote Teach Us About Creative Intelligence?

Bruce Nussbaum was right to close the book on Design Thinking. It is time to move on. Business never really got the message. What businesses continue to care about is innovation.

Work april 12, 2011

frog design: The Key To Design Insights: See The World Differently

How to think like a designer: don't just observe the world, but draw upon what you know, interpret what you find, and look for unmet needs.

Technology april 4, 2011

frog design: Why Apple Succeeds: Users, Not Designers, Have the Best Ideas

The secret to design success? Invent something your customers can hack, remake, and customize—then let them run wild.

Luxury march 29, 2011

frog design: Working The Narrative

I think of projects and client relationships as stories. Like any good novel or film, they possess a plot-line, evolving from start to finish; and contain characters, narrative arcs, sub-plots, intrigue and, often, conflict.

Advertising march 15, 2011

frog design: Staying Ahead Of Innovation Challenges

Change is the new normal: no industry is standing still these days, and this means that the innovation challenges we face are also constantly changing.

Work february 22, 2011

frog design: Designing For A User-Hijacked World

Users are in control, again. The hacker culture that dominated the Internet in the 90s (pre-AOL and Compuserve) is now returning. Top-down, corporate-owned platforms simply can't keep up with the pace of innovation set by scrappy, digitally-native startups.

Mobile february 14, 2011

frog design: Spending, Trading, Or Something Else?

In discussions of privacy and personal data, it’s becoming more common to say that people “trade” or “spend” information about themselves in exchange for online services.


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