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3D-Printed Rings Display Assorted Desserts as Jewelry

New Lamp Inspired by Water Wells Blends Antique with Modern

Roofless Bird Feeder Lets Homeowners Experience Wildlife Up Close

Print Shop Offers Clothing As Blank Canvases For Designers

Biodegradable Building Dissolves Into The Earth Over Time

Deceivingly Simple Furniture Is A Puzzle To Assemble [Pics]

Bookshelf Chair Provides A Comfortable Reading Nook [Pics]

Cocoon Chair Provides Personal Space In Busy Locales [Pics]

Shoe Store Features Walls Of Floating Footwear [Pics]

Distraction-Free Case Cuts Phones Off From The Outside World

Two-Toned Wallpaper Depicts Different Designs [Pics]

Design Firm Rebuilds Its Iconic Table Out Of LEGO [Pics]

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