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Home august 31, 2016

Shelf Makes Its Contents Appear To Hover In Midair

The design uses metal tubes to create an optical illusion when viewed from the front

Entertainment july 29, 2016

This Designer Figured Out How To Become A Goat

A creative set out on a journey across the Alps as an animal, complete with false prosthetics and a goatherd

Retail june 15, 2016

These Interactive Dresses Stop Moving When They Sense Your Reaction

Garments mimic microbial life with just one catch: they'll stop moving depending on emotional or physical response

Retail may 31, 2016

Nike's Soccer Collection Fuses Advanced Materials And Dark Fashion

Sportswear company has added a touch of dark glamour to their existing sports collection

Innovation december 16, 2015

Designing the "Perfection" Out of Fashion

This Spring/Summer 2016 collection embodies the belief that striving for the flawless can be destructive in the creative process

Technology february 25, 2014

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Artist’s new project taps into the current responsive architecture trend.

Fashion E-commerce Brings Independent Boutiques Under One Roof
Work february 12, 2014

360-Degree Experience Lets Fans Shop Directly From An Ad

Sass & Bide launch the world’s first digital ad of its kind.

Work october 30, 2013

Designer Converts Ford Fiesta Into A Transformer [Video]

Hetain Patel bought the vehicle, which has the same specifications as his first car, to create an original sculpture.

IoT october 24, 2013

Mechanical Sculpture Puts On A Ballet With Rubber Ducks [Video]

British designer David Cranmer created the Arduino-powered Duck Machine, which features 49 ducks moving in patterns.

Technology october 17, 2013

Illustration Of The Brooklyn Bridge Designed Using Only Typography [Video]

Artist has begun the painstaking task of redesigning New York’s most loved transport link with intricate typefaces.

Gaming & Play september 6, 2013

Hunger Games Collection Brings Post-Apocalyptic Fashion To The Masses

Luxury fashion line inspired by the heroes and villains of a popular movie franchise

IoT august 12, 2013

Create The Future Of Home Living At PSFK's Connect UP Design Workshop

PSFK and Jawbone invite hackers, inventors and designers to sketch and concept the future of connected home living.

Design & Architecture july 24, 2013

Foldable Desk Expands When Items Are Placed Inside [Pics]

Mette Karina Johansen’s Pet desk is a writing table with a lid made of stretched leather, which expands and shrinks around what is stored inside.


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