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[Stat] Consumers still use desktop computers for more than 67% of travel booking sales
[Stat] Mobile to account for 60% of all internet advertising by 2018
42% of internet users only use websites or apps that they’ve used before (Ofcom)
Work august 27, 2013

All-In-One 3D Printer & Saw Turns Any Surface Into A Mini Factory [Video]

Machine shop in a box could be the next step in the DIY revolution.

Technology september 15, 2012

Rise Of The Empowered Employee [Future Of Work]

We look back at the fourth week of PSFK’s Future of Work series to see how innovations in the workplace are empowering employees

Work june 13, 2012

Webcam App Turns Off The Computer When You Leave Your Desk [Video]

Smart technology saves energy during quick breaks when it sense no one is in front of the computer.

Mobile december 2, 2011

20% Of Emails Opened On Mobile Devices [Headlines]

A new study found that the share of messages opened on mobile devices has increased by 51% since the fourth quarter of last year.

Advertising november 21, 2011

Tablets More Popular Than Desktops For Videos [Headlines]

Mobile devices are more popular than desktops for watching online video content, particularly for those 10 minutes or longer.

IoT october 3, 2011

PSFK Asks The Purple List, How Many Screens Do You Use In Your Life? Part 2

In preparation of the release of the iPhone 5 next week, PSFK asked PurpleList members to weigh in on how many screens is to many, and what they think the optimal number would be.

Home september 30, 2011

How Many Screens Do You Use In Your Life? PSFK Asks The Purple List, Part One

In preparation of the release of the iPhone 5 next week, PSFK recently asked PurpleList members about the ideal number of screens they would like to look at on a daily basis.

Advertising august 24, 2011

Bored Of Goldfish? How About A Jellyfish Tank?

A Kickstarter project showcases the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish.

august 17, 2011

Retailers Bank On Tablet Sales [Headlines]

Desktop, laptop and netbook computers have dropped by 20% in Western Europe.

Luxury june 29, 2011

LaCie + Porsche Unveil USB 3.0 Aluminum Hard Drives

Porsche launches a line of computer accessories that feature their trademark sleek design and luxury materials.

Arts & Culture february 23, 2011

Cloud Computing And The Future Of Interaction Design

Having access to data any time or place has great advantages. Now designers must figure out how to make this a pleasant reality.


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