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Technology march 13, 2013

What Facebook Likes Reveal About Users' Personalities

The University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research have found that attributes can be predicted by analyzing digital behavior.

Luxury march 8, 2013

Men's Magazine Curates An Accessories Showcase

A curated selection of bags, wallets, watches chosen by DETAILS brings together top men's designers.

Mobile december 28, 2012

Design: How The Wisdom Of The Hand Trumps Technology [Video]

Gadi Amit of NewDealDesign shares his philosophy on what is at the root of human creativity.

Work january 5, 2012

How One Young Designer Went From Fear Factor To Fashion Week

Hyden Yoo is an enterprising fashion industry ingenue who turned his game-show win into a mini fashion empire.

august 18, 2011

Is Ashton Kutcher The New Face Of The Social Media Geek?

Not only is celebrity Ashton Kutcher the face of the September issue of Details magazine, he also had a hand in adapting an online-only version to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.


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