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Technology january 12, 2015

Evaporation Cooling Tent Keeps Food For The Hungry

The Wakati system helps farmers in developing nations keep harvests fresh longer

Innovation november 7, 2014

Blow-Up Incubator Could Save Babies’ Lives in the Developing World

A young inventor has designed an inflatable incubator for babies born prematurely

Mobile march 27, 2014

Mobile Messaging App Lets People Chat Off The Grid

Firechat uses wireless mesh technology to connect people, even when there's no Wi-Fi or cell service to be found.

Work november 21, 2013

Mini Energy Kit Stores And Transports Electricity For Developing Countries [Pics]

Could this be a step towards combating the global problem of limited access to power sources?

IoT july 9, 2013

Self-Adjustable Glasses Let Kids Set Own Prescription

These glasses cut the time and costs of traditional eye doctor checkup.

Design & Architecture june 18, 2013

Kit Helps Developing World Parents Divide Pills Into Kid-Friendly Doses [Video]

New device could help save lives in countries where medicines are scarce.

Technology april 26, 2013

USB Wipe Card Speeds Recycling Of Computers

A Kickstarter campaign proposes technology that securely erases data and loads educational content for children in developing countries.

Arts & Culture march 28, 2013

Extra Space In Coca-Cola Crates Used To Deliver Medicine To Rural Regions

ColaLife improves conditions in developing countries by utilizing the beverage company's local distribution channels.

Home february 27, 2013

Oxfam And Coldplay Crowdsource Music Video For Charity

The band is asking fans to help spread awareness about land grabs by submitting images and videos.

Gaming & Play september 26, 2012

Get Exercise & Raise Money For Developing Countries By Kicking A Soccer Ball [Video]

The Ludo combines exercise and gamification to make donating money for good causes fun.

Syndicated july 9, 2012

Turning Air Into Water & Designing Food [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations on how to extract water from other resources and the rising careers of a plastics artist.

Partner Content march 8, 2012

Flying Robots Deliver Aid To Remote Communities

An innovative concept for transport infrastructure offers a new paradigm for getting food and medicine to those in need.

Design & Architecture january 25, 2012

Insulated Bag Retains Heat To Slow Cook Food With Less Energy

Eco-friendly Wonderbags reduce carbon emission and costs while preparing meals.

Mobile january 6, 2012

Solar Lamp For Developing World Doubles As Phone Charger

This affordable and eco-friendly lighting solution is small enough to fit on a bottle and therefore more versatile for the global south.


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