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Technology august 1, 2016

Marketplace Lets You Rent Electronics On-Demand Without The Commitment

From smartwatches to cameras, Grover helps people trial devices they may be on the fence about

IoT june 14, 2016

Control The Devices In Your Home By Drawing

Monitor and pair smart items in your home through a simple drawing interface

Technology june 3, 2016

Charge All Your Devices Atop This Sleek, Slim Pad

Wireless charger will let you charge multiple devices just by placing them on this surface

Work january 6, 2016

Say Good Riddance to Carry-Ons With Device-Accommodating Jacket [CES 2016]

From spies to geeks, no one need longer concern themselves with troublesome baggage

Technology october 7, 2014

Hackathon’s Hands-Free Bra Liberates Breastfeeding Mothers

MIT Media Labs' event winner's message: Look moms, no hands

Retail september 4, 2014

Meet Style.Tech, a Concept Store Catering to a Connected Lifestyle

STORY and Intel create a shopping experience dedicated to the convergence of fashion and tech

Home august 4, 2014

Solar-Powered Bonsai Tree Charges Batteries and Smart Devices Sustainably

Color-changing Electree Mini brings a new meaning to the term ‘power plant’

Innovation june 16, 2014

PSFK Presents The Real World Web Report

PSFK Labs launches new report that examines how the internet of things will impact our lives.

Work january 21, 2014

Scott Lachut: Introducing PSFK’s Future Of Wearable Tech Series

Survey produced in partnership with Intel explores the evolving form and function of tech and its impact on the way we live.

Technology november 6, 2013

Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

This tiny device has the potential to give humans the ability to unlock their doors or log into a computer by a simple arm gesture.

Design & Architecture june 7, 2013

Compostable iPad Case Provides A Blank Canvas [Pics]

New covers allow users total customizability.

Work april 5, 2013

Service Tailors Email To The Device It’s Being Read On Before Opening

London-based start-up Kickdynamic has made flexible email a reality with its instantly updating software.

Mobile march 25, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

iPhone to go plastic, HBO may branch out and Saturday mail must legally stay...links to start your day with.

Sustainability march 6, 2013

Sensor Box Monitors Office Conditions To Increase Productivity

These small, connected devices measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for rooms.


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