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Independent Newspaper Enables Users To Select The Information They Want
Work january 15, 2014

History Project Calls Upon Citizens To Delve Into WWI Diaries [Pics]

The National Archives is digitizing the thoughts of WWI soldiers for the public to tag and appreciate.

Luxury october 26, 2012

Electronics Brand Launches Computer Designed Especially For Women

‘Floral Kiss’ features a caps lock key decorated with diamond-cut stone, and a flip latch that is easily opened, even if the user has long nails.

Advertising may 19, 2011

PSFK Conference NYC 2011: Laurie Rosenwald On How To Make Mistakes On Purpose [Video]

Artist-designer Laurie Rosenwald shares her thoughts on making mistakes on purpose, creating chaos, the invention of Velcro and the futility of trying to be creative.

Home october 4, 2010

A 100 Year Diary

"My Life Story" is an interesting concept that's designed to let you document your life from birth to death.

Technology july 17, 2009

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