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Arts & Culture september 8, 2016

Digital Stencil Provides Customizable Easel For Architects

A new app allows designers to bring real life inspiration to their blueprints

Advertising december 8, 2014

Curater Lets You Stream Carefully Chosen Artwork Portfolio Onto Digital Canvases

The subscription-based, invitation-only service provides an exhibition experience for people in their own home

Culture december 8, 2014

Digital Art, Design And Knitwear Fashion Combined In Customized Clothing

Personalized Knyttan jumpers and scarves bring designers and customers closer together

Cities september 16, 2014

Growth and Death of Flowers Visualized in Real-Time Installation

Infinity of Flowers, opening in Tokyo this month, is an interactive display that uses technological innovations to convey the circle of life in nature

Culture september 15, 2014

Mac Screen Clutter Transformed into Digital Collages

An artist displays the digital – as well as mental – landscape

Culture june 27, 2014

Digital Artwork Auction To Give 100% Of Sales Back To Artists

Paddles ON! is bringing the auction industry into the 21st century.

Cities december 10, 2013

Immense Piece Of Tumblr Art Displayed On Giant Scroll [Pics]

At UNTITLED Art Basel Miami Beach, Cloaque debuted how it chose to physically capture an internet archive.

Advertising october 17, 2013

Department Store Gets Wrapped In Tumblr Art [Pics]

Diesel's Artistic Director has sources digital artworks to display in an unusual Paris venue.

Culture october 8, 2013

Coding Transforms Simple Images Into Futuristic Pixelated Art [Pics]

Los Angeles artist creates surreal digital imagery through randomized computer graphics effects.

Culture september 19, 2013

Static Images Transformed Into Videos By Zooming Out [Video]

Creative director Daniel Barak created a static JPG file that plays an animation inside when users expand it on their smartphones.

Advertising september 5, 2013

Auction House To Sell Off Digital Art Like Modern Masterpieces

The world’s first digital art auction is to take place in NYC.

Culture august 27, 2013

Familiar Social And Web Tools Turned Into Manga Characters [Pics]

Digital artists uses Photoshop to create these animated versions of popular software.

Advertising august 9, 2013

Deconstructed Animations Explore Different Human Emotions [Video]

Artist uses facial recognition technology to delve into the relative state of human beings.

Culture july 25, 2013

Visually Impaired Elderly Man Creates Masterpieces With MS Paint [Video]

Hal Lasko creates intricate artworks using the basic drawing program.


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