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Curater Lets You Stream Carefully Chosen Artwork Portfolio Onto Digital Canvases

Digital Art, Design And Knitwear Fashion Combined In Customized Clothing

Growth and Death of Flowers Visualized in Real-Time Installation

Mac Screen Clutter Transformed into Digital Collages

Digital Artwork Auction To Give 100% Of Sales Back To Artists

Immense Piece Of Tumblr Art Displayed On Giant Scroll [Pics]

Department Store Gets Wrapped In Tumblr Art [Pics]

Coding Transforms Simple Images Into Futuristic Pixelated Art [Pics]

Static Images Transformed Into Videos By Zooming Out [Video]

Auction House To Sell Off Digital Art Like Modern Masterpieces

Familiar Social And Web Tools Turned Into Manga Characters [Pics]

Deconstructed Animations Explore Different Human Emotions [Video]

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