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Technology october 9, 2013

Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

BitTorrent takes responsibility for billboards that claim "The Internet Should Be Regulated," then defaces them.

Technology september 30, 2013

DNA Strands Offer A Natural Alternative To Data Storage

Biotechnology could store information for thousand of years without any damage.

Mobile october 9, 2012

New Tech Sends E-Coupons To Users For Products They See On TV In Real-Time

Fujitsu revealed a new patent pending system at CEATEC that transmits URLs, coupons, and other digital info to viewers' smartphones.

Technology september 27, 2012

Store Data Forever On This Waterproof, Fireproof Glass Disk

Hitachi has invented a small device that can store data on it for an incredibly long time in binary form by creating a series of dots that can be read with a microscope.

Luxury july 26, 2011

Virtual Concierge At The JW Marriott [Pics]

Interactive boards offer news, weather, travel information and directions to nearby locations.

Sustainability november 6, 2009

Emerging Business Card Behavior?

We recently checked in at MobileBehavior's website and stumbled upon an interesting feature located on their contact page - a text-message business card as a complement to traditional paper versions.


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