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Syndicated july 5, 2016

After One Year Of Apple Music, Was It A Success?

Changes ahead for streaming service as, with 15m paying subscribers, it continues the battle with rivals Spotify and YouTube

Work february 17, 2016

Which Is the Best Music Streaming Service?

We compare Spotify, Deezer and more to see which one hits the right notes

Work april 16, 2015

Spotify’s Top-20 Songs for Sleeping—Put to the Test

The online streaming site’s list is soporific enough, but what if too much of certain artists just makes you angry instead?

Advertising february 25, 2015

Snapchat Boss Sees Music as a ‘Really Interesting Opportunity’

Fresh from adding soundtrack feature to social app, Evan Spiegel hints at more plans to merge music and messaging in the future

Technology april 21, 2014

Smart Headphones Could Be The Mainstream Answer To Google Glass

GN's Intelligent Headset uses 3D audio to give directions, play games and enhance museums and concerts.

Innovation january 10, 2014

Speakers Direct Sound To Wherever the Listener Is Standing [CES 2014]

Seen at CES 2014, Turtle Beach's speakers work like a 'flashlight' for sound waves.

Technology october 8, 2013

Why Radiohead’s Frontman Thinks Spotify Is The Last Gasp Of A Dying Industry

Thom Yorke renews his attack on streaming music service for being the gatekeepers for the record companies.

Advertising july 31, 2013

Spotify Vs. Musicians: Who Should Triumph?

Are music streaming services a problem or a solution for musicians and sales?

Technology april 29, 2013

The Compilation Album Returns In An Era Of Too Much Choice

Mainstream consumers are starting to lean again on trusted handrails to guide them through the music of today and yesterday.

Home april 29, 2013

A Return Again To Disco

While punk lacks contemporary musical relevance, and rock is certainly struggling, disco is resurgent.

Work april 8, 2013

Dan Gillmor: In Our Digital World We License, Not Own

Corporations and lawmakers have put us on course for a world where consumers do not own the things they buy.

Cities december 20, 2012

Is The Entertainment Industry Actually Causing Piracy?

Cory Doctorow discusses how If companies refuse to release films or TV shows in US and UK at same time, they only have themselves to blame for piracy.

Innovation december 18, 2012

UK Police Setting Up Intellectual Property Crime Unit

New measures are aimed at specifically prosecuting copyright infringement.

Mobile december 18, 2012

Will Mobile Devices Finally Replace Newspapers?

Mobile data is set to soar and soon smartphones will dominate the media landscape.


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