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Advertising september 21, 2016

E-Paper Truckside Ads Provide Real-Time Updates For Drivers

The mobile advertisements are GPS-triggered, offering location-specific information for surrounding motorists

Technology march 20, 2013

Kate Spade Japan Releases A New Item Each Week To Encourage Shopping

The flagship Tokyo store of the New York brand uses iPads to advertise the retail concept that encourages repeat shopping.

Retail september 13, 2012

Burberry Launches Interactive, Multimedia Store In London [Pics]

The Regent Street is the brand's most technologically advanced in the world, allowing customers to experience the brand through a journey of digital and physical experiences.

Retail august 3, 2011

Future Of Retail: Scanned Shoppers

In an effort to reduce some of the guesswork involved in shopping, retailers are integrating customer recognition technologies into their store environments, providing highly tailored recommendations to consumers.

Work april 21, 2011

Immersive Is The Google AdWords Of Intelligent Digital Signage

Immersive Labs is developing futuristic "Minority Report" style ads that respond and change based on factors such as time of day, weather, age and attention span.

Mobile october 22, 2010

Viscom tec 10: The Art Of The Possible

PSFK talks to Paul Flanigan about his work, and what he'll be discussing at the upcoming viscom tec 10 conference.

Innovation july 29, 2010

Sony Introduces 360-Degree Autostereoscopic Display

A new 3D display device doesn't require special glasses to enjoy the 3D effects.

Technology june 3, 2010

Toshiba’s Gesture-Based User Interface

A 'Minority Report' styled gesture-controlled interface meant for digital signage.


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