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Technology november 9, 2016

This Company Is Trying To Bring Touch To The Digital World

Immersion is a company developing haptic technology that can be integrated with phones in features such as text, email and gaming

Work march 14, 2014

10 Hottest Startups To Watch From Berlin’s Silicon Alley

PSFK helps to find some substance amidst the hype in Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Technology august 6, 2013

USB Drive Tombstones Mourn The Deceased’s Digital Life

Hadas Arnon’s 'Digital Cemetery' consists of memory sticks gathered into an archive, offering a place to remember the dead.

Mobile october 5, 2012

QR Code Gravestones Share Pictures And Biographies Of The Departed

Austrian bereavement company Aspetos has developed a series of interactive headstones that cemetery visitors can scan with their mobile device.

Arts & Culture september 24, 2012

Be A Part Of Cirque Du Soleil By Singing & Gesturing At The Computer

Google Chrome experiment 'Movi.Kanti.Revo' invites users to interact using their voice and movements as they navigate a surreal digital world.

Arts & Culture october 21, 2011

New Display Translates Motion Into Digital Environments

T(ether) offers real time 1:1 hand and face tracking that can foster collaboration across several devices.

Technology april 20, 2011

Barmecidal Projects Gallery: Entirely Digital 3D Gallery Space

Barmecidal provides the illusion of abundance, bringing together artists working in digital and immaterial forms.

Gaming & Play february 22, 2011

Avatar-Like Out-Of-Body Reality A Step Closer

Swiss researchers have achieved success in projecting human consciousness into a digital avatar.

august 30, 2010

Finding Humanity In The Machine

Our user experience of the Internet lacks the human element, says Jonathan Harris.

IoT april 6, 2009

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