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Technology june 27, 2016

Disney Will Narrate Finding Dory For Blind Theatergoers

A synchronization technology lets visually impaired fans immerse themselves in the new film

Design & Architecture may 26, 2016

Iron Man Suits Jumps From Screen To Reality To Improve Workers' Jobs

Hyundai has unveiled a robotic suit that can help factory workers and more

Technology may 6, 2016

These Glasses Let You Control A Computer With Your Head

GlassOuse uses head movement and bite force to track the mouse

Work august 27, 2015

Head Rotations and Facial Expressions Control a Hands-Free PC

Kinesic Mouse brings back the power to control a computer to those without the use of their hands

How designers can develop web interfaces for the visually impaired (Nieman Lab)
The world’s first Cyborg Olympics will celebrate “human-machine collaboration” (Quartz)
Mobile december 2, 2014

New Apps Allow Visually Impaired to Benefit More From Smartphones

Application helps visually impaired users get color information from their smart phones

Arts & Culture december 1, 2014

Suit Helps Disabled Athletes To Instantly Detect Injuries

Students from the Royal College of Art designed 'Bruise', an injury detection suit for disabled athletes

IoT december 1, 2014

Samsung's Eye-Tracking Mouse Opens Computing to More Users With Disabilities

Samsung's Eyecan+ improves on older designs to bring interactive ability those with physical limitations.

Retail december 9, 2013

Swiss Ad Agency Crafts Mannequins After the Disabled [Video]

This touching campaign led a group of physically disabled people to see themselves differently, with the hope that others will too.

Home october 11, 2013

World-Renowned Architects Design Doll Houses For The Disabled [Pics]

Cathedral Group enlisted famous architects and designers like Zaha Hadid to build the structures for the charity KIDS.

Mobile june 28, 2013

Future Apple iOS Could Include Motion Detection & Eye-Tracking

Navigate your iPhone using nothing but a simple movement of your head.

Syndicated february 21, 2013

Retinal Implant Gives Partial Sight To The Blind

Some previously visually impaired patients could read signs, tell the time and distinguish white wine from red after being fitted with the device.

Work december 17, 2012

Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm Using Brain Waves

Device controlled by a new kind of computer program translates natural brain activity used to move our limbs into commands.


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