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Home december 18, 2012

Draft Beer Machine Fills Glasses From The Bottom Up

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System injects beer into the bottom of the cup faster and seals it with a magnet.

Work december 18, 2012

Red Bull Creates A Drive-Thru In An Office Elevator [Video]

Strategically placed vending machine dispenses energy drinks throughout the day.

Advertising december 17, 2012

Brand Forces Hungry Fans To Run On A Hamster Wheel For Snacks [Video]

How far would you go for Fantastic Delites? People dressed up as mice and ran as fast as they could to try to earn a tasty treat.

Innovation september 18, 2012

Pregnancy Test Vending Machines Available In Local Bars

Healthy Brains for Children hopes to raise awareness on the adverse effects of alcohol consumption while carrying a child.

Advertising june 13, 2012

Starbucks Launches Coffee Vending Machines [Headlines]

Low overhead kiosks will allow consumers to pay as little as $1 for a cup of coffee, or $1.50 for popular espresso drinks such as mochas or vanilla lattes, in convenient locations.

Retail june 11, 2012

Tackle This Vending Machine To Get A Beer [Video]

Consumers are encouraged to hit this dispenser as hard as they can in order to receive a beverage.

Arts & Culture june 1, 2012

Virgin Launches A New Line Of Water Purifiers

Richard Branson sees a potential market in the U.K. for filtration systems.

Travel may 31, 2012

Giant Tourism Vending Machine Dispenses Bikes, Surfboards & Kayaks [Video]

To promote British Columbia as a travel destination, its tourism board installed an over-sized device selling sporting gear in San Francisco.

Advertising april 11, 2012

Hug A Coca Cola Vending Machine To Get A Free Soda

The beverage company wants you to literally embrace its brand.

Sustainability april 3, 2012

Yves Béhar Redesigns Retro Soda Fountain [Pics]

A popular home appliance in the 80s gets revamped by the founder of fuse project to appeal to the modern, eco-conscious consumers.

Technology july 13, 2011

Japanese Vending Machine Dispenses EBooks

A new concept spotted in Japan has the ability to sell eBooks through QR codes.


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