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Work may 30, 2014

Tiny Train Updates Powerless Analog Display Signs

BERG's Pixel Track is a cloud-connected display system that doesn't need any power to maintain its message.

Mobile may 19, 2013

Turning Literal Dreams Into Photographs

Popular photographer Chase Jarvis teams up with Samsung to photograph his dreams and make them a reality.

Design & Architecture march 28, 2013

Sequins Create Pixelated Retail Displays That Sparkle

SparkleMasters is a company that uses sequins to create intricate, pixelated imagery for advertising.

Syndicated october 13, 2011

frog: How Global Screen Culture Will Affect Us

The evolving design of the digital devices that are starting to fill our stores and schools will change the way we think, behave, and buy.

Technology march 8, 2010

Modular Screen Syncs Audio And Video Onto Configurable Components

MOE is a projection interface built from a single modular element, reconfigurable for customized event displays.

Design & Architecture february 26, 2010

Curious Displays: A Physical Manifestation Of Virtual Space

Julia Yu Tsao's Graduate thesis project re-imagines the possibilities of display technologies.


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