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Technology december 19, 2013

11 Things You Need To Know Today

Facebook can detect self-censorship, you can wink to take a Google Glass photo, and more.

Travel september 26, 2013

Brainwave-Monitoring Car Slows Down When The Driver Is Distracted [Video]

RAC creates a vehicle that can only be driven when it has the driver's undivided attention.

Home july 2, 2013

Volkswagen's Clever Campaign To End Texting And Driving

Being on the phone while in the car could land you in the trauma ward, so VW is using the image of predictive text to send the message home.

Work may 23, 2012

Pink Noise Minimizes Workplace Distractions & Complaints

Company tackles the growing issue of employees talking in an open-space office by playing sound the same frequecy as the human voice.

Technology may 17, 2011

Gamify Your Facebook Addiction With Anti-Distraction App

Obtract helps you and your team stay focused by forcing you to complete maze puzzles before accessing common online distractions.

Design & Architecture april 13, 2011

Isolation From The World In Spain

Aire de Bardenas is a hotel that acts as a retreat from distraction.

Design & Architecture april 4, 2011

The Creative Process Of Discovering [Video]

The award-winning architect Masahiko Yendo shares his thoughts on creating designs that can change the world.

Work december 21, 2010

Why We're Driven To Multitask

Paul Atchley, associate professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Kansas, shares some clear headed thoughts on the futility of multitasking, and what we can proactively do to decrease distraction and avoid overload.

Innovation october 4, 2010

The Association Between Creativity And Open-Mindedness

A recent study points to the positive aspects of being distracted easily.

Mobile september 24, 2010

Only Hearing Half The Story

Scientists have solved the puzzling mystery of why we are annoyed listening to others' phone conversations in public

Arts & Culture september 10, 2009

(Infographic): Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

In a digital age rife with an endless stream of distraction, from email updates to text messages, it's important that we get our priorities straight. This handy hierarchy created by Information is Beautiful helps ensure that your limited attention span is always focused on the most important detail of the moment.


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