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Technology october 8, 2013

Customizable Mixer Gives DJs Creative Reign Over Their Equipment [Video]

This fully customizable controller gives artists ultimate control over the experiences they are able to create.

Mobile january 25, 2013

Radio Station Crowdsources Its Programming With Mobile App

Radio station lets users select songs and record audio clips to accompany them on air.

Luxury september 20, 2011

The Sound Tank Is An Assault On The Senses

An artist and musician designed the a new hybrid of sound technology to further expand on his research into creating certain types of aural stimuli.

Arts & Culture august 18, 2010

(Video) Moving Beyond Knob Twiddling

Eyebeam's Visual Music Collaborative collapses mediums to re-invigorate musical experience.

Technology august 10, 2010

Token Multitouch Screen: A Sneak Peek At The Future Of DJing?

A glass surface uses special MIDI controller software and projected video to create a DJ control panel.

Advertising april 28, 2010

Now We’re All Editors

Interactions Magazine explores the critical skills needed to be a great editor and curator of content.

Work march 26, 2010

Are iPads The Future Of DJing?

A recent article on CNET explores the idea that the iPad could become the next piece of standard gear for DJs.


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