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Genetics Startup Is Working To Create A Completely Personalized, DNA-Based Range Of Products

DNA data has the potential to drive brands forward to new levels of unique product personalization

Luxury july 15, 2016

Fashion Student Wants To Use Alexander McQueen's DNA For Human Leather

A Central Saint Martins Student is debating current biological information legislation with a fashion concept of human leather products

Travel june 16, 2016

Travel Ad Uses DNA To Challenge People’s Beliefs

A Danish site is using genetics to help people learn more about their lineage

Work may 25, 2016

Brand Identity Forged Using Actual DNA

Founders of digital agency took what makes them genetically unique to express their mission

Technology april 25, 2016

How Programming Could Democratize Genetics

Biological engineers develop programming language to more rapidly design DNA

Health april 21, 2016

Amateur Scientists Can Now DIY A DNA Test

Handy analysis kit lets anyone extract DNA from a biological sample

Design & Architecture march 31, 2016

Would You Want Your DNA In Your Diamonds?

Personalizing jewelry by infusing each piece with a piece of the owner — literally

Arts & Culture december 28, 2015

Algorithm Turns Your DNA Into Patterns for Scarves and Tartans

Wrap yourself in a carefully designed, tactile version of your DNA

Op-Ed september 10, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: Our DNA Will Break Radical Ground for Brands and Beyond

Futures Director at Pearlfisher investigates what the implications of engineering ourselves will be

Work december 11, 2014

Google And Autism Speaks Team Up To Create Genomic Database On Autism

Mssng is a collaboration to create the world's largest database of genomic information on people with autism spectrum disorder.

Home november 11, 2014

Super-Powerful Kit Offers DIY DNA Analysis at Home or in School

Kickstarter campaign for the miniPCR, a tiny machine that costs a tenth of the price of those used by the professionals

Sustainability september 19, 2014

New Handheld DNA Sequencer Offers Cross-Industry Solutions

A New Zealand research team has developed a brick-sized device capable of performing disease and DNA identification on the go

Mobile may 5, 2014

DNA-Erasing Sprays Bring New Meaning To Data Protection

BioGenFutures has released a set of sprays that helps people take control of how their genetic material is shared.

Advertising april 18, 2014

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Stress ball that stalls procrastination, 'Earables,' and J. Crew's hand written ad.


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