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Technology august 15, 2016

Facebook Messenger Now Features An Artificially Intelligent e-Doctor

Your.MD is a new smart system to provide quick and accurate medical advice via chat

Health july 28, 2016

Women’s Health App Provides One-On-One Teleconferencing With Doctors

The digital clinic gives people the flexibility to fit wellness checkups into their busy schedules

Health june 28, 2016

Chat Service Gives Employees Access To Mental Health Experts

Feeling stressed at the office? A new platform connects workers with counselors for 24/7 support

Health april 6, 2016

Superheroes And Disney Princesses Want You To Get Vaccinated

Leveraging animated star power to encourage putting reproductive health first

[Stat] AI assistants may save 15-30 minutes caring for each patient, reports hospital nurse
Mobile june 19, 2014

Medical Records Now Available To Doctors On Google Glass

Drchrono's new Glass app puts patients' vital and clinical information right in front of healthcare providers' eyes.

Mobile march 3, 2014

Emerging Tech Tells You What That Cough Really Means [Future Of Health]

Consumer-friendly products are giving everyday people to power to diagnose their health issues and know when to seek care.

Innovation march 3, 2014

DIY Diagnostics Make Everyone The Doctor [Future Of Health]

PSFK Labs looks at technologies that allow laypeople to identify their own health issues and determine what next steps to take.

Technology december 12, 2013

Healthcare Platform Turns Any Room Into A Doctor’s Office

A new app will allow quick, easy video consultations for busy people and the uninsured.

Consultaclick matches health services with client demands in one single booking website
Culture august 14, 2013

Fake Mountaintop Villa Built On A Beijing Building [Pics]

Chinese doctor ignores building regulations to create this urban retreat.

Design june 21, 2013

Holograms Inject Life Into University Lectures [Pics]

The University of London is demoing oversized medical images to help students pay attention in class.

Advertising june 18, 2013

Kit Helps Developing World Parents Divide Pills Into Kid-Friendly Doses [Video]

New device could help save lives in countries where medicines are scarce.

Technology may 17, 2013

Viruses Can Now Detect Bacterial Superbugs

Potentially fatal antibiotic-resistant bacteria can now be found in a matter of minutes.


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