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Work october 17, 2016

Zocdoc Wants To Create An 'Unsick Day' For All

The health service is promoting a paid off-day for employees to schedule routine doctor check-ups

Technology july 26, 2016

Smart Stitches Can Send Doctors Information On Wounds As They Heal

A new technology can sew sensors into tissue, and potentially spot and treat issues before they arise

Work february 3, 2015

How Doctors Are Currently Leveraging a Google Glass Startup

Augmedix collects and stores patients' electronic health records while conversation transpires with physician

Innovation february 18, 2014

Skin Selfies Help Dermatologists Diagnose From Afar

Teledermatology is a new medical field where people send their doctors photos of their skin to receive a diagnosis.

Technology december 12, 2013

Healthcare Platform Turns Any Room Into A Doctor’s Office

A new app will allow quick, easy video consultations for busy people and the uninsured.

Innovation june 21, 2013

Holograms Inject Life Into University Lectures [Pics]

The University of London is demoing oversized medical images to help students pay attention in class.

Arts & Culture june 12, 2013

Medical Instagram Lets Doctors Crack Difficult Cases Together

The Figure 1 photo-sharing app for healthcare professionals allows them to post images to the medical community and comment on them.

Syndicated april 21, 2013

Doctors Use Apps To Improve Outcome Of Surgeries

Touch Surgery helps patients improve their mental state by walking them through the actual procedure thereby reducing stress levels.

Work march 31, 2013

MRI Technology Detects Diseases In Seconds Rather Than Hours

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland are developing technology to dramatically improve the speed of MRI scans.

Home march 15, 2013

Electronic Tattoo Monitors Patient Symptoms Remotely

Scientists have developed a flexible circuit board that can be printed directly on to skin to transmit data back to a doctor.

Advertising november 28, 2012

App Is Able To Monitor Disease Outbreaks In Real Time

ClickClinica provides real-time global disease surveillance by letting doctors record patients' symptoms with a single click.

Mobile october 14, 2012

New App Translates 'Doctor Speak' For Patients

HealthTap allows patients to consult physicians' posts on common questions or email them individually to address specific concerns, costing a fraction of an office visit.

Technology august 15, 2012

Digital Bracelet Detects If Medical Staff Need To Wash Their Hands

An interactive system to ensure health professionals comply to a proper hygiene regime.

Mobile september 28, 2011

HealthTap Apps Have 5,000 Doctors Ready To Answer Your Questions

Android and iPhone apps let you pose health queries anytime, anywhere, for free.


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