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How Doctors Are Currently Leveraging a Google Glass Startup

Skin Selfies Help Dermatologists Diagnose From Afar

Healthcare Platform Turns Any Room Into A Doctor’s Office

Holograms Inject Life Into University Lectures [Pics]

Medical Instagram Lets Doctors Crack Difficult Cases Together

Doctors Use Apps To Improve Outcome Of Surgeries

MRI Technology Detects Diseases In Seconds Rather Than Hours

Electronic Tattoo Monitors Patient Symptoms Remotely

  • 15 march 2013
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App Is Able To Monitor Disease Outbreaks In Real Time

New App Translates ‘Doctor Speak’ For Patients

Digital Bracelet Detects If Medical Staff Need To Wash Their Hands

HealthTap Apps Have 5,000 Doctors Ready To Answer Your Questions

  • 28 september 2011
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