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Retail august 28, 2013

Iconic London Department Store To Feature In TV Documentary

Liberty London is opening its doors to a camera crew for a new show called 'Making Liberty', which will air this fall.

Technology august 27, 2013

A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into The Toy Maker’s Workshop [Video]

Filmmaker Anthony Ladesich goes inside the studio of toy makers as they sculpt their works of art.

Mobile august 12, 2013

Werner Herzog Debuts Documentary On Texting And Driving [Video]

Renowned director Werner Herzog filmed 'From One Second To The Next', which features testimonials from people who have been personally affected.

Work july 3, 2013

Why Ira Glass Thinks Traditional Broadcast Media Is Out Of Date

The creator of the popular radio show This American Life talks about why a conversational style is where the medium is headed.

Technology june 2, 2013

Why Technology Is An Extension Of Imagination [PSFK 2013]

Filmaker and futurist Jason Silva discusses the emergence of human consciousness and the concept of The Mirroring Mind.

Innovation may 10, 2013

How One Iconic NYC Record Label Produced So Many Stars [Video]

Red Bull and m ss ng p eces created a 13-minute short film that provides a glimpse into the history of DFC records.

Work april 24, 2013

An Intimate Look At The Women Of The Lesbian Porn Industry

Jonathan Harris' new project 'I Love Your Work' is a documentary about the private lives of nine women who are changing pornography.

Arts & Culture april 23, 2013

Documentary Filmed Entirely By Robots [Video]

Tribeca Film Festival flick asks deep personal questions from automated directors.

Advertising april 5, 2013

Documentary Looks At The Life Of The Original Mad Man

Shannah Laumeister's film provides insight into the life of the photographer, whose career started in the golden age of advertising.

Technology february 22, 2013

Experience What It’s Like To Escape From North Korea [Video]

Interactive website promotes an upcoming documentary and lets viewers take the oft-travelled journey to flee the oppressive regime.

Syndicated january 24, 2013

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Check out a clip from the upcoming documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, read a review for Yo La Tengo's 'Fade' and more.

Design & Architecture december 13, 2012

Child Orchestra Performs With Instruments Made Of Trash

Kids in Paraguay learn to play music using repurposed trash from surrounding landfills.

Advertising december 7, 2012

Richard Branson’s Son Debuts Film On YouTube Rather Than In Cinemas [Video]

The documentary 'Breaking the Taboo' is available to watch for free online.

Syndicated november 16, 2012

Courtney Love Is Planning To Make A Kurt Cobain Documentary

Singer working on documentary about late husband scheduled for 2014, says director and collaborator Brett Morgan


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