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Arts & Culture august 25, 2016

Interactive Art Exhibition For Dogs Provides Endless Fun

Installations created by artist Dominic Wilcox are based on activities loved by canines, such as fetching tennis balls and splashing in water

Health august 18, 2016

Casper's Newest Mattress Is Designed For Dogs

The sleep-focused startup has introduced a new product line for tired pups

Cities february 24, 2016

Taxi Service Offers Discounts for Passengers with Dogs

Bring your pooch along for the ride

Technology february 11, 2016

This Pop-Up Diner Lets You Dine with Your Dog on Valentine's Day

This London restaurant offers dog owners a unique chance to dine with their furry best friends

Mobile november 11, 2015

Could Mobile Ads Be the Key to Finding Lost Pets?

Pedigree releases Found app to help reunite wayward dog and cat owners with their missing loved ones

Design & Architecture october 15, 2014

Lego-Like Dog Toy Features Modern Modular Design

The Odin is a puzzle toy that is functional, beautiful and can be joined together with others

Sustainability september 29, 2014

LED Leashes, Collars Available for Pets to Stay Visible in Darkness

Squeaker Poochlight helps pups stay safe at night

Work september 18, 2014

The Impact of Pet Ownership on Human Creativity

From the media we consume to the ways we pass time, a crowdfunded illustrated book reflects on the central role dogs play in owners' lives

Work may 21, 2014

Drones Could Be The Next Dog Walkers

Jeff Myers released a video showing how an AR robot can be used to take pets out for their daily exercise.

Innovation october 28, 2013

Photo Series Shows Off The Morphing Faces Of Dogs

Carli Davidson's new book, Shake, features canine companions in their most carefree moments.

IoT october 21, 2013

Foldable Canine Accessories Offer Multipurpose Pet Products

Heads or Tails is a collection of dual-purpose, geometric dog toys, bowls and bedding.

Sustainability october 17, 2013

Holy Signs Shield Cathedral Lawn From Dog Droppings [Pics]

Pentagram's design suggest a new commandment for church visitors: clean up after your pet.

Technology september 6, 2013

Remote Control Harness Lets Owners Control Their Dogs From Afar

Virtual commands sent through could improve the safety of K9 units exposed to dangerous situations.

Luxury june 27, 2013

Architectural Doghouses Revamp The Traditional Structure

The age-old home for pups get redesigned for the discerning pet.


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