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Technology august 6, 2015

Smartwatch Takes On One of the Visually-Impaired’s Greatest Hurdles

Feel your texts and emails with Dot, a braille smartwatch that can translate webpages and ebooks for the blind and near-blind

Retail january 23, 2013

Target Creates Online-Only Brands

Retailer differentiates its physical and digital stores by creating unique brands that are only available for purchase on the web.

Innovation january 15, 2013

Decommissioned NYC Parking Meters Converted Into Bike Racks

Capitalizing on its existing resources, New York City repurposes 12,000 of its old single-space parking meter poles into bicycle parking.

Sustainability january 14, 2013

New York Parking Signs Redesigned To Be More Clear

Pentagram creates new signs that simplify the often convoluted messaging, make it much easier to understand parking rules.

Sustainability november 20, 2009

NYC Announces a Better Bus Ride

In an exciting announcement, New York's MTA is working on new, streamlined developments for its bus line.

Work march 19, 2009

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