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[News] IBM co-designed the most high-tech dresses at the Met Gala
Design & Architecture march 29, 2016

Intel Creates a Biometric Dress that Shifts Shapes

When this dress senses adrenaline, it mimics the fight-or-flight response

Design & Architecture march 2, 2016

A Washable Wedding Dress You Could Wear Again and Again

This white gown doesn't need to be stuffed in the attic after one use

A Jersey Garment That Can Have Multiple Uses By Elementum
Technology july 16, 2013

Tweet-Streaming Dress Helps Activists’ Voices Get Heard [Video]

Techy dress grabs Swedish politician’s attention by giving youth a mouthpiece.

Arts & Culture march 27, 2013

Designer Dress Looks Like Splashed-On Water [Pics]

Iris van Herpen creates a couture piece that resembles flowing liquid.

Innovation february 11, 2013

Pepsi Launches New Low-Calorie Juice With A Limited Edition Dress

The drinks company partnered with fashion designer Richard Nicoll to promote the new low-calorie orange juice.

Innovation december 20, 2012

Haute Couture Dresses Made Of Thousands Of Balloons [Pics]

Rie Hosokai uses an unlikely material to create her avant garde fashion pieces.

Design & Architecture september 28, 2012

Dress Connects And Responds To Wearer’s Heartbeat

The ‘Presence of Heart' dress uses sensing technology and lights up in sync to display the beat.

Technology july 11, 2012

Designer Creates Entire Collection By Projecting Images Onto One Dress [Pics]

Haute couture dress transformed into many designs using hi tech lighting.

Technology may 14, 2012

Blogger Makes A Dress From Creative Materials Each Day For A Year [Pics]

Arts and craft enthusiast creates a unique fashion piece daily.

Luxury march 23, 2012

Swarovski Crystal Evening Gown Comes Alive With Tiny LED Lights

Colorful and sparkling dress that is a mix of luxury and technology catches the eyes of opera attendees.

august 24, 2011

The Shorter The Skirt, The Better The Economy [Headlines]

An economist from the 1920's has suggested there is a correlation between women's skirt length and the economy.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2011

Stay True To Your Word By Wearing It

'We Are What We Tweet', is how Asta Roseway of Microsoft Research describes her award-winning paper dress that reflects your tweets.


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