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Technology april 6, 2015

University Vending Machine Dispenses iPads

Drexel University partners with Free Library of Philadelphia to widen student tech options

Mobile january 15, 2014

University Opens Mobile App Development Lab For Students

A Philadelphian university opens the doors of its newly developed mobile app lab to student researchers.

Technology august 8, 2013

Program Will Remove Writer's Individual Style From Their Content

Researchers have developed a program that removes authors' literary style, allowing more secure publication of sensitive material.

Work july 22, 2013

Sensor Keys Make A Piano Sound Like A String Instrument [Video]

Tech-enabled keyboard takes the electronic instrument closer to the quality of physical strings.

Gaming & Play april 8, 2013

Skyscraper Transformed Into A Vintage Video Game [Video]

Play Pong on the side of a university building.

Home january 14, 2013

University Vending Machine Lends MacBooks To Students

A school in Philadelphia wants to prevent kids from having to walk home alone at night with expensive technology.

Innovation february 7, 2012

Make Sushi Safe Forever With Bacteria-Killing Plasma Torches

Food safety researchers conduct a proof-of-concept study by treating uncooked poultry and other foods.


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