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Design & Architecture november 26, 2013

Fast-Food EZ Pass System Ensures Minimal Human Interaction

A faster way to grab a burger and fries without reaching for your actual wallet.

Technology may 17, 2013

UK Department Store Offers 'Drive Thru' Shopping

Selfridges lets shopping instantly pick up their online purchases.

Technology february 20, 2013

Starbucks Trials Video Drive-Thrus

The system, currently being tested in Washington State, allows drivers to see the employee taking their order.

Work december 18, 2012

Red Bull Creates A Drive-Thru In An Office Elevator [Video]

Strategically placed vending machine dispenses energy drinks throughout the day.

Cities november 16, 2012

Seattle’s Best Coffee Opens Drive-Thru-Only Location

The company has opened a mini store that will cater to people who are on-the-go and allows customers to see their orders being made.

Sustainability october 2, 2012

Factory-Made Drive Thru Starbucks Store Comes Delivered On A Truck [Pics]

The giant retailer opens up an experimental LEED-certified installation coffee shop in Colorado.

Luxury september 17, 2012

Mercedes Creates A Drive-Thru Buffet For London Fashion Week

British food artists Bompas & Parr curated a unique dining experience in partnership with the auto maker, complete with a light installation, revolving restaurant, and roller girls.

Innovation march 2, 2012

Order McDonald's Through Your Car's Navigation System

the fast food company is testing a new fast food ordering system in Japan that will cut down drive-thru waiting times.

Work february 9, 2012

Will The iPhone Become The New Drive-Thru Window?

Voice recognition software might dramatically change how customers order from fast food restaurants.

Sustainability december 20, 2011

Starbucks Opens Drive-Thru Coffee Shop Built Out Of Shipping Containers [Pics]

The idea came from the company's use of the containers to ship their ingredients from around the world.

Advertising may 10, 2011

Innovation, Speed, And Precision At The Drive-Thru

A feature from the inside of a drive-thru restaurant, looking at what they have done to improve the speed and accuracy of orders.

Home june 8, 2009

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