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Acura Cockpit Envisions The Future Of Autonomous Travel

The car brand has built a proof that offers a sneak peek of the self-driving vehicle experience

Automotive july 28, 2016

A Driverless Delivery Service Will Launch In Japan Next Year

The RoboNeko Yamato service will use self-driving cars to bring purchases to customers' homes starting in 2017

Automotive july 7, 2016

There Is Now A Virtual Driving School For AI Vehicles

Scientists have developed a simulation program designed to teach autonomous cars how to handle real obstacles

Technology june 17, 2016

Driverless Cars Will Be Racing Each Other Sooner Than You Think

In motorsport competition, entrants design and race road cars with home-built AI systems

[Insight] Research suggests driverless cars will fuel another suburban sprawl
Travel june 6, 2016

These Build Kits Can Make Any Vehicle Autonomous

A startup is developing a system to teach old trucks future-proof tricks

Technology april 26, 2016

Driverless Taxis Will Soon Come To Singapore

The race for driverless cars in Asia is hastening

IoT february 5, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Buddy Up to Uber, YouTube and 12-Year-Old Facebook

Kickstart your day with Uber VIP perks and news of a drone-less Super Bowl

Work december 8, 2015

How Taxi Drivers Can Cope with a Driverless Future

With autonomous cars poised to take over, professional drivers will need new skills to earn a living

Travel december 2, 2015

Google Driverless Cars Will "Chat" With Pedestrians

A patent from the conglomerate reveals how these vehicles will communicate with people on the road such as by flashing a message when it's “safe to cross"

Cities september 14, 2015

Pedestrian Test Dummies Put Driverless Cars to the Test

Toyota and Mcity team up to test the safety of driverless cars using humanless pedestrians

Technology january 12, 2015

BMW Will Let You Park Your Car Using Your Smartwatch

The German carmaker demonstrated fully automated parking at CES

Luxury january 8, 2015

Singapore Wants Driverless Cars for First-Last Mile Commute

The city-country is planning to use driverless cars to supplement its public transport system

Design & Architecture january 27, 2014

Michigan Aims To Launch Driverless Car Fleet By 2021

The University of Michigan wants to put 2,000 autonomous vehicles on the road and is currently testing them out.


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