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Advertising september 21, 2016

Durex Wants To Promote Safe Sex With An Eggplant-Flavored Condom

The gag campaign was crafted after the brand's emoji design was denied by the Unicode Consortium

Advertising march 1, 2016

Durex Virtual Museum Features Abstract, Colorful and NSFW Artwork

An interactive tour lets users browse a virtual museum by a condom brand

Advertising november 19, 2015

Durex Says It’s Time to Give the World the Condom Emoji

With World AIDS Day aroud the corner, Durex wants your help to make #CondomEmoji a part of our texting vocabulary

Advertising february 19, 2015

How Condom Brands Are Capitalizing on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

To promote their products, sex suppliers reference kinky novel to harness your interest

Advertising december 3, 2013

Unexpected Brand/Product Mashups Demonstrate People’s Trust In Logos [Pics]

Designer Ilya Kalimulin’s series of images imagines a world where brands like Durex and Lipton created unexpected brand spin-offs.

Advertising july 14, 2013

Why Women Are The Next Frontier For The Chinese Web

To what extent does an entrepreneur's gender play into their ability to identify an opportunity?

Advertising april 28, 2013

PSFK’S Top Five Stories Of The Week

A life-sized, knitted boyfriend and partner-controlled vibrating underwear. We bring you the best in art, tech and business.

Innovation april 22, 2013

Long Distant Lovers Connect With Mobile Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Condom manufacturer Durex has revealed prototype "Fundawear" that allows couples to engage in physical foreplay over the internet.

Advertising january 31, 2013

Durex Launches On-Demand Condom Delivery Service

The brand is offering a "public service application" that helps their teams locate you to hand over your selected product.

Advertising october 13, 2011

Durex Promotes Safe Sex With Its ‘Digital Love’ Campaign

The brand's spoof website advertises "real sexual relations using only your mind".


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