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Advertising april 10, 2013

MOMA Design Store Windows Showcase Dynamic Mechanical Sculptures

The retail outpost collaborates with start-up littleBits to create installations that highlight technology and craftsmanship.

Advertising april 5, 2013

Service Tailors Email To The Device It’s Being Read On Before Opening

London-based start-up Kickdynamic has made flexible email a reality with its instantly updating software.

Design february 12, 2013

Hack Alters Web Text Depending On How Far Users Are From The Screen

A project in development creates responsive typography software that tracks your distance from the monitor and adjusts accordingly.

Design november 14, 2012

Shape-Shifting House Rotates And Unfolds To Follow Sun

The D*Haus is a dynamic structure that opens and unfurls for a total of eight different layouts.

Advertising may 11, 2011

frog design: Be Like Water

The design world seems to be drifting away from its heritage. More and more designers are becoming increasingly disconnected from the objects they design.

Design october 20, 2009

(Videos) Dynamic Typography

Michael Lebovitz conducts experiments with dynamic, interactive typography.


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