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Technology january 22, 2015

eBook Reader Design Fosters Studying And Collective Thinking

Addr knows you can get back into reading with a little help from your friends

Syndicated september 12, 2013

Why EReaders Make More Sense For The Developing World

A research shows that the devices could be far more practical than paper books to raise literacy levels among african children.

Work september 6, 2013

Amazon To Sell Individual Essays And Short Stories

Amazon's new Singles format gives author's more power over their titles.

Technology may 23, 2013

Amazon To Sell Fan Fiction Ebooks

Original authors and their amateur adapters can now put their spin-offs on sale.

Home january 15, 2013

Bookless Library To Open In Texas

The new BiblioTech library in San Antonio looks like an Apple Store and will have zero physical books, with it’s content all housed digitally.

Mobile october 23, 2012

Will The iPad Mini Crush Amazon And Google?

With the announcement of Apple's latest device analysts are predicting the new product could cut into sales of Kindle line as well as the android tablet.

Retail october 10, 2012

Letting Online Customers Pay What They Want Works

The Humble Indie Bundle -- an experiment in voluntary price discrimination-- shows that most people do the right thing, which helps offset the people who don't.

Innovation february 1, 2012

The New Yorker Expects Print To Be Around For Another 20 Years [Headlines]

Famed magazine is optimistic for its future in the face of a digital revolution.

Cities october 13, 2011

The U.S. Has More Wireless Devices Than People [Headlines]

Data released this week shows that there are 327.6 million wireless connections, equal to 103.9 percent of the population.

october 6, 2011

Amazon’s New Kindles Have Massive Potential For Publishers [Headlines]

The new models are a great fit for news media – but success will need flexibility on both sides.

Innovation july 25, 2011

New York Times Has 224,000 Digital Subscribers [Headlines]

The NYT announces progress in the numbers for digital subscribers, even after the paywall fiasco.

Work march 4, 2010

Chinese e-Readership Gaining Traction Through Crowdsourced e-Literature Platform

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