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Fitness / Sport september 7, 2016

Wireless Earbuds Offer The Ultimate Personal Fitness Analysis

An in-ear heart rate monitor enables tracking and real-time feedback for athletes

Culture march 24, 2016

8 Products Highlighting Progressive Earphone Design

From 4D tech to 3D printing, these manufacturers that are changing the way we consume audio

Design february 25, 2016

Obsession Drives the Made-To-Order Elegance of These Headphones

Custom-fit technology can be a beautiful thing

Culture february 2, 2015

Laser Headphones Glow Along with Beat of Your Own Drum

The smart earbuds combine state-of-the-art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor

Culture november 13, 2014

Washable Headphones Offer Clean, Stylish Listening Accessory

Urbanears and Marc by Marc Jacobs team up for exclusive edition laundry-friendly earbuds

Advertising october 30, 2014

When Craft and Custom Meld: Welcome to the Space of Normal

Founder Nikki Kaufman guides us through the spatial layout of the earbud store

Advertising october 28, 2014

Enjoy the Earbud Designed for Erotic Film

Because design can improve all forms of entertainment

Design august 15, 2014

3D-Printed Headphones Double as Ear Jewelry

OwnPhones are wireless earbuds that are designed to match the wearer's personal style

Culture august 8, 2014

Will The Future of Wearable Tech Be Hidden?

A new health tracker that monitors vitals through an earbud is a reaction against Google Glass

Culture april 14, 2014

Why Wearable Tech Needs To Focus On The Ear, Not The Wrist

Are Google, Apple and others getting the wearable trend all wrong?

Culture october 16, 2013

Microsoft Earbuds Monitor Wearers’ Health To Help Pick The Next Song

Non-invasive technology that could act as a fitness coach and remote doctor.

Advertising january 29, 2013

Jeans Brand Branches Out Into Denim iPhone Accesories

Lucky Jeans reveals some early prototype designs for their expanding line, which includes cases and headphones.

Design january 14, 2013

Fitness Tracker Earphones Gather Exercise Data

The iriver ON earbuds monitor heart rate, distance, speed, cadence, aerobic fitness level, and calories burned.

Design may 17, 2012

Plug Earbuds Into Headphones With A 3D-Printed Adapter

J.C. Karich's design lets you plug the portable earbuds into larger headphones to boost comfort and style.


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