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Design Students Tweak Everyday Objects For Intuitive Use

3D Printed Tap Works as Faucet and Drinking Fountain

Playful Exhibit Envisions A Smart Home With A Sense Of Humor [Pics]

Clear Headband Plays Music As An Earbud Alternative [Pics]

Alternative Olympic Souvenirs Offer A Less Kitschy Approach [Pics]

Inventors Build Cameras To Shoot Never-Before-Seen Footage [Video]

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Digital Clocks Revive The Analog Experience Of Telling Time [Video]

Spinning TV Monitor Creates 3D Light Sculptures In Mid-Air [Video]

Bicycle Bell Doubles As A Brake [Video]

Redesigning The Remote Control Of The Future [Pics]

Popcorn Machine Pops One Perfect Kernel At A Time

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