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Technology october 17, 2016

Track The Exact Carbon Footprint Of Your Car

MIT has released a new app that uncovers which vehicles are the worst and the best for the environment

Design & Architecture april 3, 2013

High-Tech Tree Houses Could Be Popping Up In City Parks [Pics]

Invisible Works designs temporary biomimicry structures that blend into their surroundings.

[Insight] Driven by demand, brands explore plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy
Work december 16, 2012

Need Funding? Head To Zappos CEO's New Community In Las Vegas

If you're ready to live and grow a business in Sin City, you might find a potential investor in your next venture.

Syndicated september 26, 2012

Glass That Produces Heat & How To Kill Architecture [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archives we uncover a presentation on a new type of window that can generate warmth.

Sustainability july 13, 2012

Ford Upcycles Industrial And Biodegradable Waste Into Car Parts

The American automaker takes a big step toward global sustainable development by crafting car parts from pre-used materials.

Work may 31, 2012

Wireless Keyboard For Apple Products Powered By Light

Tech peripheral can charge via the sun or a lamp.

Technology december 22, 2011

Digital Scavenger Hunt App Urge Kids To Explore Outside

Natural Lands Trust has created a fun challenge on SCVNGR to encourage children to learn about nature.

Retail december 19, 2011

Four Packaging Ideas That Focus On Reducing Waste

From new coffee cups to plantable raincoats, four examples of fresh thinking on packaging and product design that cuts down on waste.

Sustainability october 25, 2011

Big News: And Sustainable Industries Merge [Headlines]

The two sustainability websites will integrate their sites and teams.

Home august 17, 2011

frog: The Inconvenient Truth Of Going Green

After spending $5,000 on solar panels for his home, Colin Cole of frog, realized his 'eco-fit' didn't qualify for utility rebates. Going green is an expensive and complicated process. Why would anyone make the effort?

Luxury june 2, 2011

The Role Of Green Projects In Displaced Communities

Field researcher discovers the benefits of eco-projects in turbulent, poverty-stricken zones.

Design & Architecture may 12, 2011

The Cube: Living In 27 Eco-Friendly Square Meters [Video]

The University of Hertfordshire's Cube project offers users a carbon-neutral living space if only they can manage the tight quarters.

Advertising april 26, 2011

Grant McCracken: The Problem With Brands Assuming Familiarity

When pizza boxes act as Trojan horses, carrying a payload of asymmetrical brand communications.


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