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[Inspiration] IKEA strives to have net-positive impact on the environment in 4 years
Design & Architecture january 29, 2015

The World’s First Commercially Available Bioplastic Chair is Biodegradable

Although it may sound like a type of sushi, Kuskoa Bi is actually the world's first 100% bioplastic chair, now available

News september 17, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

American Airlines opts for Samsung phablets, packaging has no place in Berlin's 'supermarket of the future' and 'elitists' have a dating app to call their own

Technology august 3, 2012

Save Water With A Shower That Doubles As A Washing Machine [Pics]

Gray water used to get clean could also be used to clean your clothes.

Sustainability april 3, 2012

Yves Béhar Redesigns Retro Soda Fountain [Pics]

A popular home appliance in the 80s gets revamped by the founder of fuse project to appeal to the modern, eco-conscious consumers.

Retail december 8, 2011

How To Make Good Business Better [Video]

Pushing the boundaries of the business model is what it takes to survive in our new market of savvy, demanding consumers-- and it can actually save a business money.

Innovation june 28, 2011

Conscious Consumption: The Package-Free Grocery Store

In.gredients, the first store of its kind in the U.S., is set to open this fall in Austin, Texas.

Sustainability march 28, 2011

Preserve: Recycling And Intelligent Design Collaborations

The unique company manufactures inexpensive consumer goods from 100% recycled plastic, collected from industrial sources and their own customers.

Home february 28, 2011

Small Is Beautiful (And Sustainable) [Pics]

Eco conscientious ethos and a minimalistic approach aim to address housing market issues.

Arts & Culture june 7, 2010

Greendex 2010: Ranking Eco-Conscious Global Consumers

Who are the global consumers with the most sustainable habits? A National Geographic survey reveals.

Luxury january 12, 2010

Merci x Veja: Organic Shoes For Charity

Merci is the first “Charity Store” in France, where 100% of their profits will go to non-profit support, giving customers who would normally buy luxury goods the chance to also give to a worthy cause in the process.


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