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Culture may 9, 2013

Solar Powered Glass Crosswalk Changes Color At Night [Pics]

The eco-friendly innovation activates when users touch the pole.

Retail march 15, 2013

Workout Clothing Changes Color Based On Body Temperature

Shirts by Radiate Athletics let you see how hard you are working out.

Design february 15, 2013

Paper Made From Stone Will Save Trees

Ogami notebooks use Repap, an innovative material with a much more friendly carbon footprint than traditional paper.

Culture january 30, 2012

Reclaimed Wooden Tables House Their Own Miniature Gardens [Pics]

MDC Interiors' custom-built, sustainable furniture is handmade using eco-friendly materials.

Advertising november 15, 2011

Sports Brand Reveals Plans To Produce Compostable Clothing

Puma's CEO says the manufacturer is developing biodegradable products that can be recycled or thrown on the compost heap.

Advertising february 18, 2010

The Solar Powered PUMA Phone

Puma and Sagem have combined forces to make the PUMA Phone.

Innovation july 2, 2009

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