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Design & Architecture january 25, 2016

Biodegradable Bike Helmet Made From Eco-Friendly ‘Styrofoam’

This head-protector's made from lightweight, renewable forest products

Travel january 15, 2016

This Shapeshifting Hotel Wants to Travel Around the World with You

Able to transform into an artificial bay, boats and ships will be able to find shelter in this

Design & Architecture december 10, 2015

No Need to Resupply This Reusable Gift Wrap Stash

A reusable and eco-friendly present wrapper that can be given from one recipient to another, whatever time of the year or decade

Work may 5, 2015

Solar-Powered Stained-Glass Window Charges Devices

Marjan van Aubel mixes appeal of stained-glass windows, which people have appreciated for centuries, with latest in solar tech

Sustainability may 4, 2015 Imagines a Future Made Entirely of Regenerated Fashion

PSFK learns first-hand from the musician what happens when you try to design a world made out of waste

Home april 16, 2015

Eco-Friendly Pizza Box Splits into Plates and Leftover Container

GreenBox is a multifunctional pizza box made of recycled and recyclable material that eliminates waste four-fold

Advertising march 27, 2015

Upcycled MacBook Sleeve Made from Coffee Sack

Presso Design adds Italian leather to coffee sacks for a rustic but luxurious laptop carrier

Retail february 9, 2015

24/7 Launderette Boasts Text-Message Ordering and App Notifications

Bubble&Stitch offers the ultimate in laundry convenience for busy tech-enamored professionals

Technology february 2, 2015

Future Cycles are Pedal-Powered Vehicles Ready to Inherit Carless Road

The Future People project is designed as a functional and retro alternative to fossil fuel vehicles

Work november 24, 2014

Eco-Friendly Home Extensions Courtesy of Bower House Treehouse Designs

Luxury living spaces that offer quiet, and a better connection with nature

Arts & Culture november 24, 2014

Oru Kayak’s Latest Model is Backpacker and Environmentally Friendly

Foldable boating brand now building models from recyclable plastics

Innovation november 20, 2014

Electric Cargo Motorcycle Designed to Carry Eclectic Loads

EQUS is an eco-friendly, practical and versatile way to carry objects of different sizes and weight

Mobile november 7, 2014

Warm Natural Light with Built-In Wireless Charging Pad

Aerelight is an elegant task lamp with an OLED light panel that provides light without the need of a bulb to replace

Sustainability november 6, 2014

Cardboard Standing Desk You Can Set Up Anywhere is 100% Recyclable

New Zealand company Refold has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce American-made desks


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